50 Cent’s power punch leaves stuntman injured in Expend4bles

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson found himself unintentionally flexing his formidable muscles a bit too much on the set of the latest Expendables installment.

The incident occurred during the filming of Expend4bles, when a collision between the 48-year-old rapper-turned-actor and a stunt performer led to an unexpected injury.

Stunt coordinator Alan Ng, speaking to PopCulture.com on Tuesday, shared details of the incident. Ng praised Jackson’s strength and power, describing him as a “tank” to work with. He also highlighted the contrast between Jackson and co-star Megan Fox, noting her agile and flexible style due to her dance background.

In one particular scene, 50 Cent’s immense strength came into play. He was supposed to barge into a stunt performer, but the force he exerted caused the unfortunate stuntman to go flying and dislocate his finger. Ng reassured fans that the injured performer and his finger had since recovered.


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Jackson himself acknowledged the incident on Instagram, sharing a screenshot of the news story and revealing his weight loss since filming Expend4bles. He wrote, “I was 237 lbs in EXPENDABLES 4, I’m back down to 208. I still got a little POWER, check out the movie.”

Expend4bles hit theaters last Friday, raking in just over $8 million in its opening weekend, making it the second-highest performer at the domestic box office, trailing behind The Nun II. The film follows Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone, 76) and Lee Christmas (Jason Statham, 55) as they team up for another world-saving mission.