Adele once again teases fans with her marriage news

Adele has dropped another hint that she might be married to her longtime boyfriend, Rich Paul, whom she has been dating since 2021.

The acclaimed British singer-songwriter teased her fans with marriage news during her recent Vegas residency show.

According to TMZ, during the songstress’s recent show, she was seen chatting with the guests as usual, and this time the topic of discussion was the NFL. She lamented about not being able to understand the game.

A video obtained by the publication features Adele saying, “My partner (Rich Paul) loves the NFL, and that’s why I am trying to learn about the game more.”

In the video, a particular moment sparked debate about whether Adele is married or not. This moment occurred when she said, “I’m not the best ‘WIFE’ when it comes to football.”

As per the publication, the hitmaker has indicated that she is married to Paul, and they are a happily hitched couple.

This comes after Adele sparked marriage rumours just a few weeks ago when she referred to Paul as her “husband.”

Adele and Rich Paul have not yet officially addressed their marriage rumours.