Amber Heard delves into ‘complexity’ of her ‘challenging’ role in ‘In the Fire’

Amber Heard spoke of her character in her hotly released movie In The Fire as she revealed how challenging her “complex” role in the movie is.

The Aquaman star made her comeback to the big screen with the small-budgeted movie a year after losing against her ex-husband Johnny Depp in libel case.

Speaking of her character in the film, Head told Entertainment Tonight, “It is in many ways a classic thriller or horror film but in so many ways it’s fresh and new.”

Heard told the publication that it was a “real challenge” and “a joy” to be part of the movie, which also stars Eduardo Noriega, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini, Luca Calvani and Yari Gugliucci.

Sharing more insights into her role of Grace Burnham, Heard said, “[Grace is] a pioneer of sorts, she is a doctor at a time when no other woman was occupying that field.”

“And she’s kind of thrust into a world that is not her own. A culture that is very foreign to her and one that is entrenched in deep religious belief and superstition.”

She continued: “She is put in a situation where, despite it all, she must believe in herself even though everything around her is falling apart,” she adds.

Heard then went on to reveal why she chose this role, which marked her return to the big screen after bombshell trial with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Speaking of Allyn, co-writer of the film’s screenplay, Heard noted, “I wanted to meet this man who was writing this complex, nuanced, strong female character set in more nuanced complex interesting stories that I hadn’t read before or seen before.”

“There’s a lot of energy, a lot of smoking and espresso, and a lot of noise and fun and life and vibrancy,” she added. “It’s been quite an experience. I’ve had a great time.”