Ariana Grande songwriter drops truth-bomb about her career

Songwriter Babyface made a startling revelation about one of Ariana Grande’s initial career tracks that it was written initially for Beyoncé.

During an interview with GQ, the producer opened up about the history of the track in question, Baby I, included on the pop star’s debut album, Yours Truly.

“One of the songs we did, ‘Baby I,’ was actually written for Beyoncé,” he continued. “Beyoncé actually…I don’t know if we actually demoed it, but I played it for her. She almost did it. And then she ultimately decided not to do it. And that went to Ariana, who said, ‘I’ll do that. I’ll take a Beyoncé leftover.'”

Elsewhere in the interview, the 64-year-old shed light on the conversation with Ari about her career.

“The funny thing is, I remember having a conversation with Ariana, and asking her what she really wants to do. And way back then, she said, the thing that she’s into more than anything is musicals. And that she loves Judy Garland.”

Adding, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and all the music that Judy Garland sang from Meet Me in St. Louis. She would sing things off the cuff from that. And you could hear that that’s where her heart was.”