Bedbugs may travel to Paris Fashion Week celebs’ home

The Paris Fashion Week glamour was overshadowed by the reports of widespread outbreak of bed bugs in Paris.

Now, the experts are warning the celebrities who attended the event to check their luggage double when flying back home.

Talking to TMZ, the renowned entomologist Dr. Jim Fredericks cautioned the A-listers attending the glitz event that the infestation of the creepy crawlers in the French capital may travel with you at home.

Advising the PFW attendees, the zoologist told them to scan their luggage and bedding fully.

Similarly, the Top Notch Pest Control exterminator Larry Bernhardt told Curbed writer Clio Chang that bed bugs may be carried undetected via belongings.

“There’s really no way to tell unless they’re on some type of inspection program,” the expert added.

Explaining the precautions, he said, “There are large commercial places that would have a canine inspection come in on a regular basis. So I would hope that that’s what they’re doing.”

Nonetheless, France’s tourist hub and capital were flooded with bed bugs as scores of the videos showed the insects crawling all over the major locations, including subways and cinemas.