Brad Pitt rips Angelina Jolie for ‘manipulating’ public with her ‘usual tactics’ in fresh attack

Brad Pitt has taken another aim at his ex-wife Angelina Jolie as he ripped her for “manipulating media and public” with her “usual tactics.”

The Maleficent star believes that the judge who oversaw her child custody case, John Ouderkirk, following her separation from Pitt, was “biased” and favoured the Fight Club alum.

Jolie is now taking action to pass a law that would mandate domestic violence training for judges and court staff, for which she has requested governor of California to back Piqui’s Law, as per The Post.

Slamming her latest move, an insider close to Brad Pitt told the publication that the 2021 appellate court ruling was based on a “technical procedure,” and had nothing to do with the facts related to the custody case.

“Judge Ouderkirk was not in business with anyone,” the insider said, debunking claims Pitt piad off the judge to that he would rule in his favour.

“Like other private judges, he was engaged by both Ms. Jolie’s and Mr. Pitts attorneys on other cases, which he disclosed,” the hunk’s legal team said.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising that she would continue to manipulate the media and the public with [Donald] Trump-like distortions and to deliberately make misrepresentations without any regard for the damage it causes to innocent third-parties just trying to do their jobs,” they said.

“While the legislation she is supporting is potentially very viable, it has nothing to do with her custody case. It is inexplicable why she would use her advocacy for another defamatory effort to disregard all the objective facts in order to advance her own interest.”