Bradley Cooper gets huge shout-out from ‘Maestro’ makeup artist

Bradley Cooper wanted to replicate every detail of Leonard Bernstein in his upcoming Netflix film Maestro—for that, the star spent over five hours just in the makeup room to transform into the famed conductor.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, makeup artist Kazu Hiro gave insights into the hard work that the Academy winner puts in for the role.

“The last stage, the whole time, our call time was one in the morning,” the 54-year-old continued.

“The other thing was he wanted the makeup to be finished before the crew call, so he would appear as Lenny to set up the shoot and everything,” the artist noted.

Adding, “That also kind of made our call time two hours earlier than normal, so that was quite tough.”

Expanding on the grueling process, the visual artist said, “The last stage, he had covered pretty much everywhere, the bodysuit and arms. That took over five hours.”

Apart from the long makeover of Leonard’s elderly phase, his younger version also required a two-and-a-half-hour process.

“[We had to] keep adding because as he gets older, we had to add more elements,” he added.

“The younger stage was the nose and lips and chin and a wig. After the third stage, he started having cheek and neck [additions].”

Bradley’s Maestro will roll in select theatres on November 22 and will be available on Netflix on December 20.