Bruce Willis daughter Rumer claps back at trolls for calling her a ‘nepo baby’

Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer Willis hit back at trolls for criticizing her latest social media post by calling her a “nepo baby.”

The Sorority Row star, who welcomed a baby girl this year, faced criticism after she shared “must-have baby items” for New York Magazine’s “The Strategist” last month.

Slamming the star kid, social media users called her a “nepo-baby” while saying that the items she enlisted were not affordable for all parents.

Reacting to the hate, she took to Instagram stories to address the backlash, Rumer wrote, “So I would never normally post what I just posted.”

“But I felt inclined to just share because I was really taken aback at the level of negativity and just trolling,” she added. “I know I should just come to expect this because it’s just what people do and think it’s okay to just treat other people that way.”

Rumer continued: “Regardless of whether you like me or not or think I’ve accomplished anything in my life or not, I’m also just a human being that has feelings. I am a sensitive human being and I’d greatly appreciate it if you weren’t so nasty to me and so mean to me.”

The actor, who has previously talked about how she should have become immune to trolls by now, penned, “Allow me the space to be a person who has worked, has done things, who has accomplished—in my opinion—certain things that I’m really proud of in my life and I’m still working and growing and trying to find what my zone of excellence is or what feels really good for me that I want to share.”

“I just want to have this be a reminder that even though you can label and call me a nepo baby or whatever it is, I’m also just a person,” she concluded.