Cardi B, Offset remember first flirty exchange

Considered a power couple in the industry, Cardi B and Offset opened up about their initial steamy encounter that led them on the path of hearing wedding bells.

In a recent interview, the Bodack Yellow rapstar gushed over their strong chemistry, adding they both had a spark long before becoming an item in 2017.

“He invited me out to the club,” the 30-year-old continued. “He got right behind me, and I felt him, you know, I felt him getting close to me. I felt his breath right here, and I’m like ‘oh my lord, oh Jesus Christ.'”

Admitting that her better-half has taken her breath away, the performer added that she tried hard not to appear as a ‘piece of cake.’

“The feelings is rushing through my body, I can’t breathe,” the Grammy winner remembered. “But I’m gonna be strong and resilient, I’m not gonna give it to him right away.”

Chiming in, the Migos member revealed that he changed tack to avoid giving any wrong vibe.

“I ain’t try off the rip,” the 31-year-old noted. “I ain’t even try. See, I respected her, you know. I knew she was thinking I was coming with that, but I respected her art, what she had going on, her hustle, what she was doing.”

Nodding to his statement, Cardi shared that he didn’t make any move “at all” before they were ready.

Married in 2017, Offset and Cardi B share two children.