Cardi B responds to Kanye West’s ‘exposed dig’ with love

Kanye West accused Cardi B of “not writing her own raps,” but instead of clapping back, she posted a rare old video of the rapper in a now-deleted tweet.

Making a heart emoji, the WAP rapper posted Kanye’s old interview with Jason Lee where can be seen praising her work.

“I’ve always believed in her since she was on the show,” the I Wonder singer said.

On the other hand, Kanye recently made completely opposite comments about Cardi B which got leaked online.

He accused the Bongos hitmaker of not “writing her own raps” and said she sounds ignorant, “She’s literally replaced Nicki Minaj purposely… She thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, it ain’t no f—-g blessing.”

Cardi B fans are divided over the rapper’s response to the comments as some believe she “took the high road” while others say “she needs to wake up.”