Drake rewards ‘heartbroken’ concert go-er with huge cash prize

Drake spotted a sad poster during his recent concert, and instantly knew how to make the “heartbroken” man feel better.

The 36-year-old rapper was performing at the Kaseya Center in Miami when he saw an attendee holding a sign which read, “I spent all my savings, buying tickets for me and my ex. But honestly, nevermind, it’s really her loss.”

Drake read it out loud, and then asked the guy: “So she didn’t come with you tonight?” The fan nodded ‘no.’

The crowd started chanting ‘f–k that b—h’ to which the Hotline Bling put a stop to, “Hold on, that’s a little aggressive.”

Drake decided to reward the man with $50,000, and said, “She’s gonna feel real bad ‘cause I’m giving you fifty bands so you can flex on her,” followed by the crowd cheering.

Earlier this week, the Canadian rapper made a couple’s dream come true by promising them a trip to Turks and Caicos after they canceled their honeymoon to attend his Atlanta concert.