Drew Barrymore’s talk show faces writer exodus post-strike

Drew Barrymore has faced a severe setback as it has been revealed the head writers for her talk show have quit the show, reportedly refusing to work with the host when the show returns after the conclusion of the  WGA strike.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the three co-head writers have refused to work with The Drew Barrymore Show post-strike.

According to TMZ, the writers who have refused to provide their services for Barrymore’s syndicated daytime program are Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon, and Liz Koe.

This comes as a response to Barrymore’s haste in announcing the return of her show when the strike was still ongoing. However, she later reversed her decision, but the relationship between herself and her head writers was damaged, as the writer’s trio, openly expressed their disappointment at that time.

WGA recently ended their strike after signing a deal with AMPTP, and the writers were given the green light to return to their work.

Drew has announced the return date of her show to be October 6, 2023. However, it remains unclear what effects the writer’s refusal to return to work for the show will have for The Drew Barrymore Show.