Ed Sheeran regrets releasing THIS ‘super uncomfortable’ song

In a recent interview with GQ, Ed Sheeran discussed his songwriting process and revealed his regrets about releasing certain songs.

He emphasized the idea that songs people connect with often need to feel uncomfortable during the writing process.

He mentioned his 2017 hit song Perfect, which he wrote for his wife Cherry Seaborn just two months into their relationship, as an example of a song that felt cheesy to him during writing but still connected with people.

“When I was writing ‘Perfect’ I thought, This is really cheesy; Cherry is gonna think that I’m like the cheesiest f***ing boyfriend,” he shared.

He also mentioned his emotional track Salt Water from his 2023 album Subtract.

However, the song he expressed the most regret about releasing was The Man from his 2014 album Multiply (x). He wrote the song after experiencing heartbreak and found it therapeutic but very personal.

The Grammy winner acknowledged that the song made both him and others uncomfortable, saying, “It felt super uncomfortable at the time, writing it, and everyone I played it to reacted in an uncomfortable way, which I thought was a good thing, and I put it out.”

“The album probably didn’t need that song. I probably needed to write it, but I didn’t need to release it,” he concluded.