Elon Musk deems Russell Brand victim of “witch burning phase” amid rape allegations

Elon Musk has thrown his weight behind Russell Brand, claiming the comedian and actor is the latest victim of the “witch burning” fever prevailing amongst the masses.

“There needs to be, obviously, a conviction here. It can’t be guilty until proven innocent,” the SpaceX founder told Ben Shapiro in a conversation on Thursday.

“Because obviously we’re just sort of in the witch burning phase here; just being declared a witch is enough to make you a witch and be burnt.”

He further reflected on the timing of the accusations, implying that it’s a targeted assassination of Brand’s character.

“Seems like an odd coincidence that it’s happening when Russell is really gaining traction, questioning a lot of the conventional wisdom.”

“I think we’re running out of conspiracy theories that didn’t turn out to be true.”

On September 16, a bombshell exposé from The Sunday Times, The Times, and Channel 4 Dispatches claimed the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star sexually assaulted four women between 2006 and 2013 while he was a BBC presenter and appeared in Hollywood films.

However, he pre-emptively denied the allegations in a video posted to YouTube and his social media handles including X, where Musk threw his support behind the comedian.

Musk replied to his tweet, writing: “Of course. They don’t like competition,” referring to mainstream media.