Former friend instills fear in Meghan Markle with ‘cryptic’ message

Jessica Mulroney, Canadian stylist and former friend of Meghan Markle, left people guessing with her social media post recently.

“As loving as I am my detachment game is strong too,” she wrote in her social media post which her followers and some UK media outlets believe could be a cryptic meant for the Duchess of Sussex.

“Meghan Markle is said to be feeling uneasy over a potential revelation from her former close friend,” said an article published in

Jessica’s friendship with the wife of Prince Harry reportedly fell apart three years ago after she was caught in a controversy during the Black Lives Matter protests.

She was accused by lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter of her “problematic” behavior and “white privilege.”

Jessica was dropped by several television networks despite publicly apologizing.

According to some reports, Meghan and Jessica started maintaining distance after the Duchess of Sussex chose not to support her friend during the crisis.

Citing sources, Closer magazine reported that the possibility of Jessica revealing information about Meghan and Harry is causing anxiety for the Duchess.

“Jessica is not openly indicating that she’s ready to share details about Meghan, but the possibility is always there, and it’s a major concern for Meghan,” a told source the publication.

“She’s relieved she hasn’t had to deal with this yet but when Instagram posts like this surface it makes her shudder,” the source said.