Francia Raisa opens up about ‘trauma-bond’ friendship with Selena Gomez

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez, known for their enduring friendship and the remarkable kidney transplant that brought them even closer, made a dazzling appearance at a star-studded gala in honor of Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund.

The duo’s friendship dates back 16 years when they met during a Disney Channel visit to a Children’s Hospital. In an interview with Extra  on the red carpet, Raisa fondly recalled their initial encounter, sharing how they bonded over their common experiences, including teenage breakups.

Raisa candidly reflected on their unique relationship, describing it as a “trauma-bond” that, while beautiful, has had its fair share of ups and downs.

“People grow, relationships change,” she said, “but I never regretted giving her one of my kidneys. I am happy that we are here today, celebrating and supporting each other.”

Raisa praised Gomez for raising awareness by saying, “She is bringing so much awareness to it, and we have both seen each other go through so much. I am on my own journey of finally expressing myself and what I have gone through with my mental health…”

“I look to her to figure out how to even navigate all of this… Honestly, her sharing with the audience gave me the courage to start sharing with my audience,” she admitted.

Reflecting on their personal growth, Raisa acknowledged that spending time apart was essential for their individual journeys. “We had to go on our own journey and grow,” she said. “I am really happy in my career now and my endeavor.”

Closing with a heartwarming note, Raisa emphasized that her childhood struggles were a part of her upcoming narrative and expressed gratitude for Gomez’s unwavering support throughout it all.