Francis Ford Coppola takes part in TikTok’s viral trend

Francis Ford Coppola has jumped on the viral Tiktok bandwagon trend, which asks: “How often do you think about the Roman Empire?”

Responding to the viral question on Instagram, the Godfather director said, “How often do I think of Ancient Rome? Quite a lot, as the Roman Republic served as the example for my country, America, and its institutions, and was the inspiration for my upcoming film Megalopolis.”

The critically-acclaimed director continued, “My fascination with the Roman Republic is based on the struggle between the political parties during which the interest of the Republic yielded to the ambitions of a few powerful men who espoused the aims of political parties to establish their own fortunes and authority by relying upon armed forces to achieve those ends, dealing the final blow to a constitution already tottering to its fall.”

Meanwhile, Francis’s dream project, Megalopolis, has wrapped up the shooting and is expected to roll out next year.