Harper Beckham playfully roasts mom Victoria’s cooking skills

Harper Beckham, the 12-year-old daughter of the iconic couple David and Victoria Beckham, showcased her culinary talents on Sunday as she embarked on a baking adventure with her former footballer father, David Beckham.

The dynamic duo spent quality time in the kitchen, whipping up delectable treats in their lavish Cotswolds home. Fashion designer Victoria Beckham, 49, couldn’t resist sharing the family bonding experience on her Instagram Stories, giving fans an inside look into their culinary escapades. Victoria playfully captioned one post with, ‘It’s intense in the Beckham kitchen today!!’ and she wasn’t kidding.

The fashion maven captured moments of David Beckham skillfully mixing up an apple crumble mixture and meticulously peeling apples. She couldn’t help but shower him with compliments, dubbing him a “good househusband.” Victoria also proudly displayed a mouthwatering cake that David had crafted the day before, affirming that he is indeed a “whizz in the kitchen.”

Switching her attention to Harper, Victoria admired her daughter’s culinary prowess. She asked, “Harper, this is impressive! Did you learn to cook from Daddy? Or was it mummy?” Harper, in a playful and candid moment, responded, “Mummy, you can’t even make cereal…” Victoria, taking the humorous jab in stride, responded with a laughing, “Oh wow!” She then typed over the clip, ‘I get it Harper… I can’t cook!!!’

While Victoria Beckham may have playfully admitted her culinary shortcomings, it’s evident that Harper is well on her way to becoming a kitchen maestro, with her dad, David, as her trusty sous-chef. The Beckham family continues to capture hearts not only with their glamorous lifestyle but also with their endearing family moments.