Harry Styles slapped with parking fine while rushing to pick Taylor Russell

Harry Styles has found himself in a bit of a parking predicament. Reports have surfaced that he received a parking fine after briefly stopping on double yellow lines while picking up his girlfriend, Taylor Russell, from London’s St. Pancras International station.

This incident took place shortly after Taylor’s return from Paris Fashion Week on a Friday.

In a classic show of affection, Harry was in a rush to greet the Canadian actress of the same age after her long train journey from France.

An eyewitness account described the scene, saying, “Harry quickly parked up on the double yellows. You could tell he didn’t want to be late for Taylor after her long train journey, so he quickly dashed into the station.”

Harry and Taylor’s romantic relationship was confirmed earlier when they were spotted in London together in August. Harry secretly attended the press night of Taylor’s play, The Effect, at the National Theatre.

During the post-show party, the couple was seen hugging each other, with Taylor placing her hand on Harry’s shoulder.

Styles reportedly earned an astonishing £105,000 per day in the previous year, mainly due to the tremendous success of his album “Harry’s House,” which was originally released in May 2022.

The album catapulted the former One Direction star to new heights of fame, and it included the hit single As It Was, which happened to be the biggest-selling single of the year.