Hilary Duff’s husband celebrates her birthday with star-studded humor

In a touching Instagram post on Thursday, Matthew Koma, the lead singer of Winnetka Bowling League, enlisted the help of two renowned celebrities to wish his wife, Hilary Duff, a joyous birthday celebration. Koma shared his admiration for the How I Met Your Father actress in a heartfelt tribute, reminiscing about their journey together over the past decade.

“To my birthday girl @hilaryduff…It’s wild to think this first photo of us was taken almost ten years ago,” Koma captioned a carousel of images that included a snapshot of Duff alongside Ed Sheeran. “I remember it so vividly, it’s almost like we didn’t break up three times between then and now.”

Koma continued, expressing his awe at Duff’s ability to effortlessly manage her demanding life as a super-mom and super-wife while pursuing her wildest dreams. He also playfully acknowledged her skills behind the wheel, stating it was an “honor” to ride shotgun with her. Koma concluded his heartfelt message with a humorous nod to Ed Sheeran, quipping, “We’re the luckiest, and our kids are gonna be so stoked when they find out Ed Sheeran is their real dad.”


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Duff responded with gratitude in the comments, expressing how much she anticipates these annual tributes and playfully noting, “My love. I look forward to these for the whole year. Thank you for riding shotgun. I am the better driver.”

Koma’s birthday tribute took another amusing turn when he shared a screenshot of a CNN Entertainment story with a hilarious twist to the headline, stating that Jared Leto “Legally Changes Birthdays to be ‘Twinsies’ With Hilary Duff.” He simply captioned the post with an enthusiastic “OMG.”

Hilary Duffs husband celebrates her birthday with star-studded humor
Hilary Duff’s husband celebrates her birthday with star-studded humor

The couple, who began dating on-and-off in 2017, officially tied the knot in December 2019, marking the continuation of their loving journey together.