How Kate Middleton uses ‘sofa chat’ to solve fights between her kids

Kate Middleton is winning the parenting game with her widely lauded techniques.

Expert Kirsty Ketley reveals the Princess of Wales uses efficient communication ways with her children to help them regulate their emotions.

The Princess of Wales is “fast becoming an icon in the parenting and early years world”, she notes.

“Google can give you one of many suggestions on how best to parent, but one of the most common patterns in raising children is by parents following their own parents’ style and methods,” she said.

“In Kate’s case, she has a tight-knit family and her childhood home was full of love.”

Ms Ketley adds: “The Princess has previously revealed that there is no shouting and yelling in their house and that they choose ‘time in’ when things escalate, with a ‘sofa chat.” said Kirsty.

“The sofa chat and ‘time in’ means sitting with your child rather than putting them into solitary confinement, and talking through their behaviour once they are calmer,” Kate shared earlier.

Speaking of the technique, and Ketley said: “It helps children to regulate their emotions better and helps keeps their self-esteem intact.”