Jamie Foxx friends ‘distress’ as he sets to take major step in life

Jamie Foxx’s friends are worrying sick for him as the star is reportedly hearing wedding bells after a brief flirt with death in April hospitalization.

Insiders close to the Academy winner are tense that the lifelong bachelor is making a huge mistake as he eyes to exchange vows with girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, fearing that he is not giving proper thought to the key decision.

The seemingly abrupt decision was followed by the health scare, which, per sources, upside down the 55-year-old view on “his own mortality”—prompting him to rethink the marriage philosophy.

“Nearly dying has really woken him up to his own ,” a tipster tattled to the National Enquirer. “Now he’s very aware it could all end in an instant.”

Following his miraculous recovery, pals are concerned that the Django Unchained star is moving too fast to settle down with Alyce, noting the severe hospitalization may have guided his decision.

“He’s started saying he wants to settle down. It’s freaking out everyone in his life,” the source suggested as the pair were first spotted together in 2022’s Cannes.

“They’re worried he’s going to marry Alyce just because she’s the one he happens to be with now,” contrary to previously when he repeatedly deferred the marriage question to longtime girlfriend Katie Holmes, which led them to their separation in 2019.

“Now he’s gung-ho about making Alyce his wife, and people think he’s being impetuous,” the source said.