Jennifer Aniston reveals one habit she values the most

For years, Jennifer Aniston struggled with insomnia, which took a toll on her life and career, leading her to value the importance of sleep after taking it for granted at an early age.

In a throwback interview with the youthful goddess, she told InStyle, “Sleep is extraordinary. It’s beautiful,” adding, “But, boy, did I take it for granted when we were young. When you’re younger, you kind of take it for granted. You think, ‘I can survive on three-to-five hours of sleep and I feel great,’ and then, all of a sudden, it just starts not to feel great, and your performance isn’t as up to par as it should be.”

After noticing the deteriorating effects of lack of sleep on her work, ideas, and body, the Emmy winner became part of a campaign that spread awareness for sleep struggles.

As part of the Seize and Night Day campaign, the Friends star revealed she learned much about the importance of sleep, “All of your body is getting all the work done that it put itself through during the day. You realize a lack of sleep leads to all sorts of health issues,” she continued.

“Unfortunately, lost sleep isn’t something you can get back; no matter how long you snooze on the weekends, you can’t make up sleep. “It’s a deficit you won’t ever get back,” Jennifer added.