Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck went to couple’s therapy after Jennifer Garner controversy?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reportedly went for couple’s therapy after the actor sparked controversy with his intimate outing with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

As reported by Closer Magazine, the Selena star was offended by the rumours that followed their outing suggesting that Affleck was cheating on Lopez with Garner.

To change the public narrative about them, J.Lo organized public outings with Affleck, the latest being them getting McDonalds in a drive-through in Los Angeles.

The source said Lopez wants to “make sure” everyone sees them “together” looking “happy,” branding it a “classic” J-Lo move.

The insider even mentioned that Lopez will have “strict” ground rules for Affleck from now on regarding his relationship with Garner, adding that she “intends to bring this up in therapy as well.”

Even though it is not confirmed if the couple has went to any therapy session since the scandal, but the insider said that “Ben won’t get her to drop it by being stubborn.”

Previously, a report by National Enquirer claimed that Ben Affleck has admitted in front of his best friend Matt Damon that couple therapy saved his relationship with Lopez.

“Ben is first to admit the only thing that keeps Jennifer and him together is therapy,” the insider claimed.