Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner fought over Ben Affleck on text messages

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner reportedly had a “heated argument” on text messages over the latter’s growing closeness with Ben Affleck.

A recent report has claimed that tensions between the Selena star and the Alias actor are an all time high and Affleck is caught in the middle of all the mess.

While the Air director prioritizes his relationship with J.Lo, he cannot ignore his ex-wife, who happens to be the mother of his three kids, shared an insider with Life & Style.

Ever since Affleck’s intimate LA outing with Garner, Lopez has grown a little too “jealous” of their bond and wants her husband to spend less time with his ex and more with her.

Lopez believes Affleck “lied” to her about his bond with Garner, which she thinks is “stronger” than it was “they were married,” the insider said.

The “peaceful co-existence” of the ladies “is definitely over,” the insider said. “Rumor has it that J. Lo and Jen exchanged texts about Jen’s closeness to Ben and things got heated.”

“Jen even canceled some of their planned get-togethers as a blended family because of the tension between the two of them,” the source revealed.

Speaking of Lopez’s wrath, the source said, “J. Lo rages when she gets jealous or feels threatened, and Ben has been on the receiving end of her wrath.”

The source concluded, adding, “J. Lo has demanded that Ben spend less time with Jen and focus more on her instead, screaming at him: ‘She’s your ex-wife for a reason!’”