Jennifer Lopez reacts to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner frequent outings

Jennifer Lopez was left fuming after she saw her husband Ben Affleck’s photos with Jennifer Garner just days after he was spotted getting cosy with his ex in Los Angeles.

Recently, the Air director was seen with Garner yet again in Santa Monica and his wife could not help herself from getting “livid” at him.

As per Closer Magazine, J.Lo was “blindsided” by the fresh photos of Affleck and Garner while she was away in New York attending Fashion Week.

“J-Lo’s absolutely furious and feels like she’s been blindsided by these pictures,” the insider revealed. “Ben’s been insisting they were completely innocent – and J-Lo does believe him – but he’s also been unrepentant.”

“He keeps saying Jennifer’s like his sister at this point and if J-Lo’s going to get jealous and throw tantrums over a harmless cuddle, then the problem’s on her,” the source revealed.

“It’s a real war of attrition here that’s threatening to blow up,” the source commented before noting that Lopez understands Affleck’s co-parenting situation with Garner.

But the rumours about him cheating on her with Garner gets to Lopez’s head. and she has already told Affleck she wants “very little to do” with Garner moving forward.

The insider dubbed Lopez’s new rule about Garner a “real shame,” noting how well the ladies had adjusted regarding their new family dynamics.