Joe Jonas attempts to maintain ‘good dad’ image on daddy-daughter day amid divorce

Amid his messy divorce from Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas is maintaining his good dad image by spending quality time with their two daughters, Willa and Delphine.

He was seen on a daddy-daughter date at Sesame Street: The Musical in New York City, where he appeared affectionate and engaged with his kids.

Jonas was accompanied by a nanny. He was seen wearing a black leather jacket, a black hoodie, and jeans as he got out of a black SUV.

Joe displayed affectionate behavior towards his daughters, holding the youngest in his arms and engaging with Willa.

Inside the theater, he was an enthusiastic participant, clapping along with his kids and yelling out during the Sesame Street musical.

This comes after his recent divorce filing, which led to a public dispute with Turner, who accused him of withholding their daughters’ passports. The divorce proceedings are expected to be lengthy and contentious.

Notably, recent court documents have surfaced, including a letter written by Jonas just three months ago. In the letter, he expressed a desire to purchase a house in England to raise their daughters there. This contrasts with his recent actions and attempts to paint Turner as an absentee mother.