Johnny Depp used ‘dirty’ tactics to manipulate Amber Heard during libel trial?

Johnny Depp’s legal team reportedly used to psychologically manipulate Amber Heard during their high-profile defamation trial.

According to a social media user, the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, accepted that there “may” have been “psychological warfare at play” during the trial.

In a Facebook post, a user by the name of Jonathan Kramer claimed that Depp’s legal team tried to play mind games with the Aquaman star.

He said that Vasquez revealed in a recent conference that a member of Depp’s legal team used to spray the actor’s cologne in the restroom before Heard would use them everyday till the trial lasted.

Johnny Depp used ‘dirty’ tactics to manipulate Amber Heard during libel trial?

Kramer wrote, “Camille Vasquez said that during the Depp v. Herd [sic] trial, there may have been…and she emphasized ‘may’… a bit of psychological warfare at play.”

The user added, “She said that every morning during the trial, a female member of Mr. Depp’s legal team >may< have gone into the women’s restroom at the court used by Ms Herd [sic] and sprayed Mr. Depp’s cologne in the stalls.”

The post, which was also shared on X (formerly Twitter), enraged social media users as they bashed Vasquez and Depp over their “dirty” tactics.

“Camille Vasquez has admitted about 5 different times that she knows Depp abused Heard, she just played dirty,” one user commented.

“Getting medical records, therapist notes, and texts where the abuse was admitted to dismissed as hearsay. There’s a special place in hell for women who protect abusers,” it added.

To note, there is no confirmation from Depp or Vasquez team if the aforementioned post is true or not.