Justin Bieber’s antics causing rift in Hailey Bieber marriage: Deets inside

Justin Bieber is causing a rift in his marriage to Hailey Bieber with his child-like antics, revealed an insider.

Speaking with National Enquirer, a source revealed that the Peaches hitmaker and the supermodel are on the verge of parting ways, ending their five-year marriage.

A tipster revealed that Hailey has had enough of Justin’s behaviour as he refuses to grow up and act like a married adult.

Justin’s teen tantrums and childish behaviour during the past few months has drove Hailey crazy, the insider claimed while spilling details of their marital troubles.

“He acts like a needy kid all the time and she’s constantly having to apologize for him and try to get him to act like an adult,” the insider said.

Not only his “needy kid” tendencies, but Hailey was furious with Justin after he made an appearance in hoodie and gym shorts at a product launch event for her beauty line in August.

Justin’s casual attire next to Hailey’s gorgeous appearance in a spicy red bustier mini dress apropos at the event drew flak from the couple’s fans.

Many said it was disrespectful of Justin to arrive in a casual dress for his wife’s big event. One fan even commented that it looked like Justin and Hailey are “being forced to stay married.”

“This is a marriage based on Justin’s childish needs and it’s doomed,” the source commented.