Kanye West’s ‘Yews’ trademark buzz: What’s he plotting now?

Kanye West is reportedly trying to get the trademark rights for the word “Yews”. He reportedly wants to use the phrase in almost everything, from streaming to restaurants.

The official docs reveal a filing of earlier this month that has an address listed to Kanye’s office on Melrose Ave.

According to TMZ, the documents obtained by the publication are linked to an LLC called Ox Paha Inc. Since Kanye has never been known to be associated with an LLC, it remains unclear if he’s the one who filed for the trademark rights and there’s also uncertainty about what he wants to do with the word.

As per the publication, the person who filed the docs wants to use the phrase “Yews” in almost everything, including financial services, real estate, clothing (footwear, headwear, jeans, etc.), music and audio, entertainment content, beauty products, restaurants and so much more.

Though Kanye has not publicly said anything about the word, it has been speculated that the phrase is related to the rapper’s connection with Jews and the controversy surrounding it.

Kanye has been involved in controversial acts, including praising Hitler and posting hateful content against Jews on his social media.