Kate and William can breathe sigh of relief as Meghan’s friend issues clarification

Patrick J. Adam’s recent Instagram posts featuring multiple pictures of Meghan Markle and other cast members of “Suits” left some people worried in the United Kingdom where tabloid media has ruthlessly criticized Prince Harry’s wife.

Adam, who played Meghan’s onscreen lover in the legal drama, fueled rumors of “Suits” return, with many people wondering whether or not the Duchess of Sussex was making a comeback to acting.

The former US actress has been receiving backlash in the UK ever since she got married to Harry. The criticism against the Duchess of Sussex intensified when she and Harry stepped down as working royals and moved to the US.

Prince William and Kate Middleton became the most favored royals after Harry and Meghan’s departure and their popularity continued to grow in the UK and the US.

Royal experts loyal to the monarchy were expecting that Meghan Markle’s return to acting would eventually increase their popularity and would lend more credence to their allegations levelled against the senior members of the British royal family.

Meghan Markle’s fans were also excited after Patrick J. Adam shared the pictures of the “Suits” cast but the actor poured cold water on the hopes of Duchess of Sussex’s return as an actress when he clarified on Wednesday that he “foolishly and thoughtlessly let a trip down Suits memory lane.”

On the other hand, William and Kate’s supporters also breathed a sigh of relief after Patrick came up with an explanation.

Kate and William can breathe sigh of relief as Meghans friend issues clarification