Kate Middleton appears in bandage for the second time in a month

Kate Middleton had two of her fingers wrapped in a fresh bandage as she tried out wheelchair rugby on Thursday.

Speculation about a new injury started circulating as soon as her pictures surfaced online.

The Princess of Wales visited  Hull FC to take part in a Rugby League Inclusivity Day in her royal role as patron of the Rugby Football League.

According to the local media. the wife of Prince William used the visit to highlight the importance of Disability Rugby League and why it is so important to those who play it.

Kate Middleton appears in bandage for the second time in a month

During the engagement, Kate, who wore a Rugby League tracksuit and trainers, tried her hand at wheelchair rugby, scoring a conversion, as well as having a go at Physical Disability Rugby League, which is a running version of the game designed for those who have physical disabilities.

Last month, the same two fingers were bandaged as she made a visit to a prison in Surrey after it was revealed she sustained an injury while trampolining with her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Mirror.co.uk reported that strapping today was merely a precaution as the princess knew she would be throwing the ball and pushing the wheelchair – and hasn’t aggravated her previous injury further.