Kate Middleton has Princess Diana’s ‘honesty’: ‘Following footsteps’

Kate Middleton has been compared to late Princess Diana after her recent engagements.

The Princess of Wales, who was spotted recently spotted in Cardiff alongside husband Prince William is lauded for her kindness.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, body language expert Darren Stanton said: “There is also a nice shot of Kate hugging one of the members, where she mirrors her body language completely. Her arms are stretched out, which shows her openness and honesty towards her. It also suggests they already have a rapport.”

“From this, it shows she is definitely following in Diana’s footsteps, with how gracious and open she’s being. Her warmth really comes through in the pictures from this engagement,” he added.

Mr Stanton continued: “Looking at her eyes, I can see that she’s engaged fully and they have her full attention at all times. She wants to be a part of it. Looking at her facial expressions and open posture, she’s just happy to be there.”