Kate Middleton is using ‘friendship’ to help William from loss of ‘wingman’ Harry

Kate Middleton is reportedly helping husband Prince William in surviving the loss of his brother, Prince Harry.

The Princess of Wales is using her friendship to help William feel less alone with Harry now living in the US.

Royal expert Jennie Bond tells OK! magazine: “I’m sure that William and Catherine are a great support to one another and that Catherine is the most incredible source of encouragement for William.

“The marriage is founded on an enduring friendship and I’m sure William has called on the strength of that friendship to help him come to terms with the loss of his wingman, his brother.”

She said: “Catherine has been hurt and insulted by things that Harry and Meghan have said, but she and William are a very strong team, and I suspect that, together, they’ve come to the conclusion that the rift with Harry cannot be fixed in the foreseeable future. They’ve closed their minds to that possibility and decided to get on with their lives.

“Before he set off for New York, I think she would have simply given him a farewell kiss and wished him good luck because William is hugely invested in this project and is confident about what he’s doing,” concludes Ms Bond.