Kate Middleton ‘secretly resents’ Meghan Markle

The secret resentment Kate Middleton allegedly harbors towards Meghan Markle has just been referenced by experts.

These insights and claims have been brought to light by a relationship expert named Louella Alderson.

She started the conversation off by referencing Kate Middleton’s public image as well as the ‘resentment’ she holds in her heart, towards Meghan Markle.

“It’s certainly possible that Kate may have been feeling uncomfortable or unhappy about the positive attention that Harry and Meghan were receiving during the Invictus Games,” Ms Alderson said.

According to Express UK, “This could indicate underlying feelings of competition or resentment on Kate’s part towards Meghan.”

This is especially true considering the fact that “since Meghan and Harry’s relationship started, there have been several reports of tension between her and Kate.”

“These tensions have likely only grown between the two since Meghan and Harry’s departure from the Royal Family and their subsequent media interviews where they have made controversial statements,” Ms Alderson also added before signing off.