Kate Middleton supports mills once owned by ancestors as family business collapses

Kate Middleton on Tuesday visited a Leeds textile mill that was once owned by her family.

According to Daily Express, the textile mill, AW Hainsworth which manufactures British wools, technical textiles and other fabrics, was once owned by her paternal ancestors.

They owned the Leeds-based wool manufacturer and merchant William Lupton & Co, which was established in 1783.

Her great-great grandfather sold William Lupton & Co to AW Hainsworth, in 1958, just nine years after Kate’s father was born.

According to express.co.uk, during her time at the mill Karte toured the facilities to learn more about the industry, as well as its relationship to her own family.

Kate Middleton’s parents recently made headlines after the collapse of their business.

An online business founded by Kate’s parents was and and it reportedly owes around £2.6million in debts.

Carole and Michael Middleton, who founded Party Pieces 1987, sold the company to business tycoon James Sinclair

The parents of Princess of Wales made millions from Party Pieces as their business grew over the years.

Party Pieces wasn’t the only thing that helped fill the family’s coffers.

Middletons had had enough money before they started the company to support Kate Middleton and her siblings who went to attend the prestigious Marlborough College, where boarding fees for a single year cost more than £32,000.