Kendall Jenner reveals why she’s ‘terrified’ of motherhood

Kendall Jenner recently shared how she feels about motherhood while navigating through the reason behind her fear of it.

During the premiere of The Kardashians season 4, Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, asks Kendall how she’s holding up with her mental health.

“Yeah, I’ve been really bad lately. It’s one of the reasons why I’m actually scared to have children,” the 27-year-old model replies, adding that her battle with anxiety is what makes her so skeptical about starting a family.

Previously, Kendall spoke to Vogue about her mental health issues, “It can have good and bad days.”

She described herself as a “relationship girl” because of her resentment towards being single, “I’m the worst single person ever, because I’m not going out. I’m not exploring anything. I just sit at home.”

Moreover, Kendall joked that seeing her sister Kylie Jenner deal with her two pregnancies is already a “massive birth control moment for her” as she concluded, “It’s a lot!”