Khloe Kardashian battles overwhelming stress: ‘No one warns you about this’

Khloe Kardashian, in the latest episode of The Kardashians, found herself immersed in a whirlwind of stress as she faced multiple challenges while preparing for the grand opening of her Good American brand’s first-ever retail store in Century City.

Khloe, 39, known for her candidness, candidly confessed her mounting concerns about the store’s progress. “We’re supposed to be open in a couple of weeks, so that’s not happening,” Khloe lamented as she assessed the chaotic situation inside the store.

The Century City mall held special significance for Khloe, as she revealed that she had her ears pierced there as a child. “I got my ears pierced in this mall,” Khloe shared with Good American CEO Emma Grede.

“One of them, and then I ran out of the store, and my mom dragged me back, placed me back down, did the other ear, and I never got another piercing, just these one on each side,” she added.

As Emma presented blueprints of the store, she openly acknowledged the challenges they were facing. “The whole thing is a nightmare at the moment,” she admitted. “We are over budget, we are over time, we’re trying to open four different stores all at once, and we are two weeks delayed.”

Khloe’s stress levels escalated as she inquired about the planned soft opening in April. Emma had to deliver the disappointing news that the soft opening would be pushed to May due to the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Feeling overwhelmed, Khloe reflected in confession, “I feel like no matter where I turn, there’s just stress after stress and problem after problem. Which is obviously adulting, no one warns you about this when you were young.”

Emma emphasized that despite the challenges, they were determined to get it right. She hoped to have all the stores open by the end of the year, assuring Khloe that the long-term goal was to open approximately 50 stores.