King Charles’ hard rest is a ‘joke’: ‘God help us’

King Charles’ plans for a hard reset have just been called out and ridiculed for being a ‘complete joke’.

Claims about this have been brought to light by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything, in her piece for

The piece touches on the discrepancies in Prince Harry’s treatment, in comparison to Prince Andrew’s.

“If there is one rule for Harry and Meghan, all cold shoulders and ‘no room at the inn’ type official emails to Montecito, then the same standard should apply to the Duke of Yuck,” Ms Elser started off by saying.

“Or conversely, Charles should offer the Sussexes some sort of clemency Andrew is now enjoying.”

At the end of the day, “It is a horrible look for the King that the Duke of York can now gobble down Victoria sponges sent over from castle kitchens while gleefully contemplating the wholesale slaughter of some birds while Harry can’t even get his family, one of the largest property holders in Britain, to stump up a spare room.”

Before concluding she also went on to say, “If this is what His Majesty’s ‘radical reset’ looks like then god help us, pheasant everywhere and all those cousins of his still living at Kensington Palace, if he ever really does a hard reset.”