King Charles planning a nightmare PR debacle of ‘historic proportions’

King Charles is allegedly planning a nightmare PR debacle of ‘historic proportions’, with his future decisions.

For those unversed, all of this is in referenced to King Charles’ plans for Prince William’s inheritance.

Revelations into it all have been presented by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She shed light into everything in a piece for

In it Ms Elser said, “If you spend much time reading and thinking about the bizarre, bonkers, and occasionally wonderful beast that is the British monarchy, there is one obvious constant.”

Because “there is always one unmistakeable winner who can lie in bed eating their grouse pies and wondering if the cellars have any more of that jolly good ‘62 premier cru, and then there are the rest of them, titled but stuck on the losing side of ruling and seniority and wealth.”

“There is no better example of this than a monarch’s will, not only a document sealed by the courts and kept under lock and key, but which, thanks to bespoke tax laws, means that they always leave the vast, vast bulk of their wealth to their direct heir.”

“What this means is that when King Charles shuffles off this mortal coil to natter about 18th century hedgerow techniques with a stultified Jimi Hendrix on a fluffy white cloud, it will be his son Prince William, the Prince of Wales who will likely get all of his $1.1 billion fortune.”

“That is, however, not the only legacy that His Majesty might leave to his son and daughter-in-law Kate, the Princess of Wales.”

“How about the nightmare PR debacle of historic proportions?” Ms Elser also questioned.

“Something that would make that whole Duke and Duchess of Sussex whatsit seem like a pesky blip?”

This is because “The prince and princess might end up serious winners on one hand, but on the other, the King may well end up lumping them with having to sort out a legal, moral, political and financial situation of unprecedented proportions.”