King Charles strikes new deal with Prince William, Kate Middleton

King Charles has stuck a new deal with his son Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton over their growing popularity and how it’s affecting his reign.

Charles’ coronation at Westminster Abbey five months ago has ignited discussions among the British public, who compare his reign to the long-standing legacy of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

However, what the new monarch’s finding hard to manage is the comparisons made between him and the next in line to British throne, William.

William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, have stolen Charles’ limelight with the way they carried out their royal duties, pushing the monarch in the background.

Royal columnist at The Daily Beast, Clive Irving, said while discussing the matter, “There’s a great deal of feeling that William understands the mood and the reality on the ground far more than Charles ever will.”

In response to this tension, Charles is said to have devised a compromise that acknowledges the popularity of the Waleses, while still retaining a degree of control.

“They worked out a kind of accommodation of how much limelight each is going to be allowed, because Charles is always very jealous of other people stealing his limelight,” Irving stated.

The exact division of the limelight remains unspecified, but Irving suggests it may be around “maybe 40 percent [for the Waleses’] and he keeps 60 percent. That seems to be the working arrangement.”