King Charles thinks losing Princess Diana was ‘beneficial’?

While Prince William has his concerns with Princess Diana’s portrayal in the hit Netflix series The Crown, King Charles is totally unfazed by it, accepting it as “work of art.”

In the teaser of the forthcoming season six of the royalty-based show, a ghost of late Princess Diana could be seen conversing with then-Prince Charles and the late Queen Elizabeth.

In a report published by The Daily Beast, a friend of William, the Prince of Wales, revealed he is “totally sickened” that the streaming giant “exploited” his late mother for the show.

On the other hand, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield revealed that Charles has a different view of the series mainly because in the teaser Diana tells him things “will be easier for him without her there.”

She said, “I imagine what will upset Prince William even more is the idea that Ghost Diana allegedly tells Charles that things will be easier for him without her there.”

“While it certainly feeds into the Diana martyr myth that has been left behind I’m sure Prince William would disagree that losing his mother was beneficial in any way,” she added. “He would rather have his mum.”

Sharing more details of King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla’s reaction over the teaser, she said, “According to friends close to the King and Queen, they have accepted it as art.”

“Toss in a ghost and now the most naive television consumer understands that they’re consuming fiction,” the royal expert continued.

“The King champions artist freedom and creativity so I don’t think he would cause a stink, but he’s certainly made it known privately that he is not like his character in The Crown.”