Kylie Jenner can’t risk introducing her kids to Timothee Chalamet because of Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner cannot risk introducing her kids to new lover Timothee Chalamet because of her ex and father of her kids, Travis Scott, a new report has revealed.

Even the reality TV megastar and the Wonka actor has made their romance official with PDA filled outing at Beyoncé’s concert, an insider has revealed that Timothee hasn’t met Kylie’s kids yet.

Sharing the reason behind Kylie being reluctant to let Stormi and Aire meet Timothee, an insider said that it is because she does not want Travis to introduce them to any girl he’s romantically involved with.

Speaking with The Sun, the source said Kylie wants to be sure about her romance with the Dune actor before taking him anywhere near her children.

“Things are very casual between them – it’s just not at the ‘meeting the kids’ stage – but even if it was, Kylie is very strict about who is allowed around her children,” the source said.

The insider explained, “She wouldn’t want Travis Scott, [her ex] to bring girls around them and the same rule applies to her.”