Kylie Jenner sparks pregnancy rumours with new beau Timothée Chalamet

Kylie Jenner has sparked pregnancy rumours with her new lover Timothée Chalamet after they made their romance official during Beyoncé’s concert last month.

In a video going viral on the internet, the reality TV star could be seen noticing the camera and moving to stand beside the Wonka star.

She even used a barrier to hide her belly which has got her fans speculating that she is pregnant with the child of the Hollywood star.

The video then showed a smoking Timothée cosying up to and talking to The Kardashians star while he had his arms around her.

“I think they are already pregnant!” one fan commented on the video, as per The Sun, prompting another to wrote, “I legit hope he gets her pregnant.”

“She is still ripped and looks incredible, but I noticed this photo last week and here she looks like she has the very early stages of a bump,” another user claimed.

“I’ve been rooting for them to marry and have like three kids for weeks,” another penned.