Kylie Minogue talks racy outfit in ‘Padam Padam’: ‘It’s about being yourself’

Kylie Minogue is owning her racy outfits as she wows fans with new hit Padam Padam.

Speaking her mind to The Sun, the singer said: “It’s not about being sexy, it’s about being yourself.”

“I’m not going down to Tesco’s in thigh boots and a catsuit, but in Popland that is me,” she clarified.

The Disco hitmaker, 55, most recently left fans in love with her summer song Padam Padam. In the music video for the song, which was crowned song of the summer, she was seen stunning in a red cat suit and PVC thigh high boots.

Getting candid about the wardrobe selection process behind the video, she confessed, “Don’t get me wrong. Even I have to go ‘What? A red catsuit? OK, I will try it’.”

The singer has shattered a record by making it to Radio 1 as a female artist over 50, with her sensual hit Padam Padam.

She elaborated that the intention behind her wardrobe in the song is not to be tempting, but to be herself, saying, “I don’t even call it sexy as even that feels passé.”

“I am happy there is a strength in inhabiting your own playfulness, your own confidence and empowerment.”

“It is an acceptance and kind of daring to feel confident with yourself and be at ease.

“I am really comfortable with what I am doing,” she concluded.