Liam Payne’s guilty plea sparks driving ban speculation: Will he lose his license?

Liam Payne, former One Direction star,  is facing the possibility of a driving ban after he confessed to speeding in west London.

The incident occurred on February 24 when Payne was caught driving his £35,000 black Ford Ranger Wildtrak Deranged Edition pick-up truck on the A40 Westway flyover just past midnight, exceeding the 30mph speed limit by reaching 43mph.

The 30-year-old singer has publicly acknowledged his offense and extended his apologies in a letter directed to Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court.

The Evening Standard reported on Payne’s letter, in which he expressed remorse, stating, “I did not realize the speed limit and apologize for speeding.” Additionally, the singer addressed a request for his financial status, asserting, “I am self-employed and cannot provide the information at this stage. However, I will pay any fine imposed within 14 days.”

A spokesperson from the Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court has officially confirmed that Payne pleaded guilty to the speeding offense. The court is now deliberating on whether to impose a driving ban as part of his sentencing scheduled for October 9.

In other news, Liam Payne was recently seen in public for the first time since his hospitalization due to severe kidney complications. Despite the health scare, he and his girlfriend, Kate Cassidy, were spotted having dinner in Paris.

The illness had forced him to cancel an upcoming tour while he was in Lake Como, Italy, where he celebrated his one-year anniversary with Kate.