Lil Yachty points out one key difference with friend Drake

Lil Yachty has opened up about his close friendship with Drake but noted that both shared contradicting lifestyles.

In a chat with Complex, the Broccoli rapstar said, “Me and him are kind of different when it comes to lifestyle,” adding, “Like we’re really similar as people, but as far as life, we’re very different. Like, I don’t go out, he loves to go out, he loves to host people, he loves to party and I don’t like people that much.”

The hip-hop star continued, “And I record every day all day, where he kind of is very selective on his recording days as he has more of a life than I do. And, he is much more into actually living life as to where I am literally trying to record music every day.”

Adding, “And I don’t know if I get that from him of like, Oh, I should go live a life too,’ because I enjoy not living life, I enjoy making music. This is my fun. I hate going out. So, if anything, I just realized that you can be so similar to somebody yet so different at the same time.”

Meanwhile, Drake is all set to release his much-anticipated eighth album, For All The Dogs, on October 6.