Matthew McConaughey’s mom unhealthy habit poisons their bond

Matthew McConaughey says his mother cannot keep a secret, which estranged their relationship for nearly a decade.

Appearing on the Whine Down podcast, the Interstellar star told host Jana Kramer that his mom has a habit of sharing his personal details with the press.

“I tried to change my mom. For eight years, she and I had an estranged relationship where I couldn’t have more than a conversation of, ‘Hi, Mom, doing good. Love you. Bye.’ Anything she asked me, I couldn’t tell her personally because she didn’t have a governor, she’d go to the press.”

He continued, “She showed up on [TV show] ‘Hard Copy’, taking people to my childhood room, showing people, ‘This is where he lost his virginity.’ There were years where I could not talk to her. I tried to change her. I need just a mom right now, not a fan, and I didn’t have it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Matthew backed his mother’s supposed mistreatment of his wife Camila.

“She tested my feelings and tested the woman that I had the feelings for. In the big picture, that’s pretty cool, actually,” the Oscar winner added.

Adding, “Camila wasn’t wounded about it either,” he said of his mom’s behaviour. “We say this all the time in my family, ‘What tickles us may bruise others.’”