Meghan Markle could give ‘juicy’ royal gossip for ‘career breaker’ move

Meghan Markle will have a tough 12 months ahead of her amid career change.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is now rubbing shoulders with Hollywood bigwigs, is bracing up for bigger challenges in the future

Entertainment commentator Mark Boardman told OK! magazine: “Meghan’s facing a dilemma over her future. This is going to be the most challenging 12 months for her as she works out where she sits in the entertainment world. There are big challenges ahead and everyone’s looking to see what she does next.”

He added: “I think she’ll have learned and taken all the feedback from Spare and will definitely know the direction her memoir will go in.

“But the publishers will want juicy gossip to make it an interesting read. No publisher wants to reprint information that’s already out in the public domain. They’ll demand all the juicy stuff, like, ‘What does Charles really have for breakfast?’” added the expert.

Mr Boardman also iterated how Meghan will be in a pickle as per her content in the book.

“And there will be a lot of tough questions for Meghan to answer, too, as the publishers ask her, ‘What’s Charles really like?’ Once that information is out there in print, there will be absolutely no coming back from it. This could literally be a career breaker.”