Meghan Markle faces challenges to make memoir ‘huge commercial success’

Meghan Markle will reportedly face challenges in publishing her alleged memoir as per her own will as the publishers might want her to include “juicy gossip.”

Amid rumours that the of Sussex is writing her autobiography, an expert claimed that Meghan may have to fight for what she wants to include in her book.

In a conversation with, royal expert Christine Ross said, “The publisher knows that people would be dying of curiosity to see what she might reveal.”

Meghan has been warned by multi Royal experts that any attack on Royal family n her book might get her in trouble.

Some even claimed that instead of making her memoir a hit, exposing more secrets of her husband’s family may destroy her career and dash her hopes of Hollywood return.

The expert continued: “Keeping her comments on the royal family to a minimum would probably benefit her in the long run, but publishers probably want her to reveal a bigger more juicy gossip because that is what really sells.”

“I think she will struggle to balance what is best for her and her image, and what the publishers want to sell,” the expert added.

“If she stuck to ‘just Meghan’, rather than cashing in further on her Duchess of Sussex title, she might win some favour back from the public as well.”